Register of Wills

FAQS for Both Offices:

  1. What are the office hours for the Bedford County Register & Recorder's Office?

    The office is open to the public weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

  2. How far back do the records go?

    Our records are back to 1771

    We have everything indexed back to that time.

  3. Can anyone look at the documents recorded in both offices?

    Yes, all documents recorded in the office are public records and can be viewed during regular business hours.  With the exception of Military Discharge Papers.

  4. How can I obtain a copy of my deed?

    You may come into the office during regular business hours and obtain a copy from the records. 

    You can call into the office and request a deed -  we can mail it to you - fax it or email it - which ever method you prefer.  There is a fee to mail the document and also if it is faxed.   

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Register of Wills

  1. What is Probate?

    In a strict legal sense, the term “probate” refers to the process of proving the validity of a will. But the term is often used more generally to refer to the process of administering an estate under court rules and supervision.

    The process begins with the filing of a petition to name someone to take charge of the estate, either an executor (if the deceased left a will) or an administrator (if there is no will). Pennsylvania probate law prescribes certain actions the executor or administrator must take, such as advertising the estate, giving notice to potential heirs.

    Pennsylvania probate law also sets rules on such matters as how and when creditors may make claims; the circumstances under which wills can be contested; and how an executor or administrator can obtain court approval for actions taken to administer and distribute an estate.

    With the proper planning and actions, probate can go smoothly and carry out the wishes of the decedent in a timely manner.

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